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School is Open
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Student Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year
Registration is OPEN!:  Online registration is open from Wednesday, July 17 - August 2.  Click here for more information about online registration.
If you need assistance, online registration will also be available at school on the following days:
Monday, 07/22/19 from 8-12 & 1-3

Tuesday, 07/23/19 from 8-12 & 1-3
Wednesday, 07/24/19 from 8-12 & 1-3
Thursday, 07/25/19 from 1-7
Friday, 07/26/19 from 8-12 & 1-3

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      • Administrative Office

        Springs Valley Community Schools
        498 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
        French Lick, IN 47432

        Dr. Trevor Apple, Superintendent
        Phone: 812-936-9984
        Fax: 812-936-9392

        Jr./Sr. High School

        Springs Valley Jr.-Sr. HS
        326 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
        French Lick, IN 47432

        Mr. Kyle Neukam, Principal
        Phone: 812-936-9984
        Fax: 812-936-9266
      • Elementary

        Springs Valley Elementary
        356 S. Larry Bird Blvd.
        French Lick, IN 47432

        Mrs. Amy Orr, Principal
        Phone: 812-936-9984
        Fax: 812-936-9788

        Our Mission

        • INSPIRE creative learning
        • PREPARE accountable & responsible citizens
        • ACHIEVE more by reaching higher
        • SUCCEED in building a stronger community

        Connect With Us

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    • Location

    Food Service