School Closing and Delay Information

Schoolreach Program

Student households will be contacted through Springs Valley's Skylert (School Messenger) program, an automated phone system that will deliver a call informing families of school closings or delays. Please note: this system calls the phone numbers listed in their Skyward Family Access that the parent/guardian has selected to receive these calls.  Families can check the phone number listed by logging into their Springs Valley's Skyward Family Access accounts.  If you do not know your access information, please contact the office of your child's school for assistance.
Media Communication

For information on closings and delays, please listen to one of the following television or radio stations.

  • WAVE 3
  • WHAS 11
  • FOX 41      
  • WLKY 32
  • WUME 95.3 FM
  • WFLQ 100.1 FM
Please listen to one of these stations and do not call the school regarding closings and delays so that our phone lines will be available for bus drivers, weather service, and emergency communications.

Thank You!